By Taonga Sabola – The Daily times

Premium BaseNICO General insurance Company says the customer seminars it holds every year in various parts of the country have helped it grow its premium base by up to 58 percent.

Speaking during one such stakeholders workshop held in Blantyre on Thursday 23 May, 2013, NICO General Chief Executive Officer Eric Chapola, said the meetings have a big impact on the performance of the company.

“The biggest measure is for you to look at our figures. If you look at our figures, 2011 to 2012, you will see that the premiums have gone up by about 58 percent. That alone is evidence that these clinics do help us achieve growth,” said Chapola.

The Blantyre workshop attracted representations front insurance brokers, insurance agents, banks, microfinance institutions and NICO General staff.

During the workshop, NICO General made presentations on some of its products such as Mtetezi, which is a tailor-made product for providing cover to tobacco producers, as well as the Homesure, which provides cover to people’s homes and other properties.

Chapala said the clinics are meant to update the clients on what NICO General is doing as well as introduce new products and new practices.

“They give the stakeholders an opportunity to ask us questions about their needs. Needs change, so they need to tell us what is it that they want to see us doing.

“These are feedback sessions where we interact with stakeholders and together we agree on how we face the future,” said Chapola.