NICO General Insurance and AON Malawi celebrate thriving partnershipNICO General Insurance Company Limited hosted management and staff of insurance broking firm AON Malawi to an informal cocktail reception to celebrate their business relationship in the ending year 2012.

Speaking during the event, NICO General, Chief Executive Officer Eric Chapola said the reception was part of a series of such seasonal functions which the company organises for its key business partners

“We have started with AON because it is the biggest broker on the land,” said Chapola.

He NICO General appreciates the business it gets through AON Malawi especially in the current economic environment when businesses are going through hard times.

On his part, AON Malawi’s Managing Director David Paul said his company too was thankful for the business support it gets from NICO General.

He said his company was particularly happy with the speed at which NICO General processes and paysout its claims, saying that is what keeps brokers in business.

“Being the largest broker in the country, we also enjoy working with the largest insurance company in the country,” said Paul.

According to Paul, AON is the the largest insurance broker in 15 African countries including Malawi.