Taonga Sabola – The Daily Times

One of the country’s major general insurance companies, NICO General wants to increase its market share further to 40 percent in the year 2014 from 39 percent it enjoys currently.

NICO General Chief Executive Officer, Eric Chapola said in Blantyre on Thursday 8th May, 2014 during a stakeholders’ clinic organised by NICO General that the company will increase the market share through smart partnerships it has established with other financial service operators such as banks.

He said the company will also come up with unique and innovative products and services for the market and described the stakeholders’ clinics as important in helping the company improve.

“Through the clinics, we get feedback on areas which we are doing better as well as areas which need improvement,” said Chapola.

The clinics also help the company sensitise stakeholders on products and services as well as enhance business relationships, said Chapola.

They also help the company create new income growth avenues.

NICO General had a good business year in 2013 as it saw its total assets jump to MKI3.18 billion in 2013 from MKI0.58 billion in 2012.

The company posted a profit before tax of MK2.2 billion.