Educating the Malawian child: Celebration of Excellence

The Director of Ceremonies, The Guest of  Mr…………………, The Chairperson of the organizing Committee of this event Mr………..The CEO Blantyre City Council Mr………….., Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good morning?

It is an honour for NICO General to be invited to be amongst you, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, at the SWED Academic Excellence Awards ceremony. We commend both Government and the Organising Committee for taking such a proactive step to ensure that the Malawian Child is educated as stated in your theme.

As the leading general insurance company in Malawi, with 36% market share NICO General is expected to lead in many aspects of our market. We are expected to lead in customer service which has made us ensure we have well trained and qualified team to handle our current and potential customers. It is also what has made us rise to the challenge and settle claims within 7 days after signing the agreement despite the law saying we must do so within 14 days. We took a step further to settle fast track claims of under MK2,000,000 in 48 hours.

Again, as a market leader we are expected to be in great financial shape and credit worthy which secures the trust our valued clients have that we can pay their claims.  Our Guest of Honour, I am proud to advise that our claims paying ability rating has recently been confirmed by the Global Credit Rating Company as being AA-. This is the highest rating and means that we are trustworthy and able to pay claims in good time no matter the amount. We have brought some brochures talking about the company’s products and another brochure specifically talking about Homesure insurance. Am sure some of the delegates in here have accessed these brochures.

Most importantly, however, as the market leader we are expected to take a lead in issues to do with our community and corporate social responsibility. This is why NICO General is here today. While others only talk the talk when it comes to education, NICO General, as the market leader, is ready to walk the talk.

Our Guest of Honour, the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony being witnessed today is in line with one of the core values at NICO General i.e Care for the Malawian Child. As a corporate citizen, we felt duty bound to support the initiative by way of giving back to the community we operate.

It is only an educated community that will contribute to the development of the area and eventually the country as a whole. As NICO General, we are happy to be associated with this Excellence Awards Ceremony and will always be there to support the initiative. We feel it is not only the Government responsibility to promote education but the private sector has a duty as well to give back to the community in form of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is in view of this development that I call upon other stakeholders to support the Excellence Awards Ceremony being championed by the SWED.

As NICO General we operate in a community, both Urban and Rural and we are also part of the community. We are actors, and as such our activities have an impact on the community. On the other hand education has an impact on the company as well, in most cases with big economic consequences. By donating books to SWED, we are educating the future CEO’s of NICO General. We are supporting the Malawian child to further his or her education.

Our Guest of Honour, as part of CSR I am proud to announce that NICO General is donating assorted books to SWED. These assorted books are worth MK19, 500,000.00 and this signifies the beginning of a great relationship between our company and SWED. At this juncture and having made these few remarks, I would like to call on the Guest of Honour so that I handover the books to him.

Thank you,

Master Mbale

Assistant General Manager – Operations

NICO General Insurance Company