Products & Services

At NICO General Insurance Company Limited the 'one size fits all' concept does not apply, we therefore pride ourselves in arranging insurance covers tailored for the needs of our corporate clients. Our wide product range includes standard personal and commercial insurance covers such as mentioned below.


Household contents and buildings, motor vehicles, 'all risks', watercraft, personal liability, etc.


Motor vehicles, contents and stock, 'all risks' covers, engineering covers, buildings, professional indemnity, employers liability, personal accident covers, public liability, products liability, employee dishonesty, business interruption, asset 'all risks', marine hull, marine cargo, bonds and guarantees, goods-in-transit, plate glass, travel insurance and our tailor made products.

Synopsis on various insurance covers:

House Owners /House Holders Insurance

Covers insured's buildings and contents exposure to a variety of perils such as fire, explosion, flood, storms, earthquake, riot, strike, malicious damage, theft, impact damage etc.

Motor Vehicle

Covers vehicles at three main different levels apart from the basic "ACT" cover being third party cover which pays for liability to third parties, third party fire and theft which covers in addition to the third party cover, the cost of claims arising from fire and theft of the vehicle or accessories attaching thereon, and finally the comprehensive cover which covers third party liabilities in addition to damage to the insured vehicle.

Office Combined Insurance
Covers insured's exposure to named perils affecting office contents, office machinery, documents against fire, explosion, flood, storm, riot, strike, malicious damage, impact damage and your liability to third parties.

Engineering Insurance
Provides indemnity to insured after accidental breakdown to machinery and ancillary aspects as explained below:

  • Project Insurance
    Provides comprehensive cover for loss or damage to the structures being erected or buildings under construction against accidental losses to the contract works. Construction, plant, equipment and machinery
  • Plant and Machinery Insurance
    Provides cover for contractors' plant and machinery on an "all risks" basis except those losses excluded under the policy.
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
    Provides 'all risks' type of cover on accidental loss and /or damage to electronic equipment such as computers, UPS, printers, external date media, equipment for medical use, communication facilities, equipment for research and testing material, increased cost of working etc. Breakdown losses are also covered.

Goods-in-Transit Insurance
Provides cover to suppliers/ buyers/ owner for the loss or damage to goods sold/ bought/ owned whilst in transit.

Marine Insurance
Provides cover for loss or damage to the Insured property whilst in transit between other countries and Malawi and vice versa which are caused by "perils of the sea" (such as bad weather, sinking collision or stranding) and by theft, jettison, piracy and other similar perils. Marine losses fall in four main areas, Hull, Cargo, Freight and Marine Liability.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Provides for payment of compensation as required by statute to workers or at common law due to disablement resulting from accidents occurring or industrial diseases contracted in the course of and arising out of their employment.

'All Risks' Insurance
A wider scope of cover than provided by the standard fire and household/ house owners policies is available to commercial entities/ individuals or on items such as satellite dishes, portable computers, cameras, jewellery, personal effects etc. Cover under this policy insures any loss or damage to insured items unless specifically excluded by policy wording.

Fire Insurance
Covers buildings, plant/ machinery/ accessories, furniture, fixture and fittings, stock-in-process, raw materials, finished goods etc, against loss or damage to fire, explosion, riot, strike, malicious damage, impact damage, flood, storm, tempest, earthquake, landslide, subsidence and other perils as named and described in the NICO General Insurance Company Limited policy wording.