This covers mortality of or damage to the livestock by death or emergency slaughter on medical grounds resulting from the insured perils.

Mtetezi Insurance

This is usually suitable for tobacco farmers. Mtetezi Insurance covers accidental loss or damage to growing tobacco due to hail, storm, flood, fire and theft. It also covers loss/damage to farm buildings.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a product designed to protect farmers against either the loss of their crops due to natural disasters such as hail and floods, or the loss of revenue due to decline in the prices of agricultural commodities.

How to buy Policy

Standard Procedure

  1. Visit any NICO General Insurance company offices or any of the authorised insurance brokers
  2. Complete proposal form (application form)
  3. Hand the form in for a quotation
  4. Wait for feedback from the officer

Authorised insurance broker.

You will be required to supply the following information:

    • Details of event which has given rise to claim.
    • Your policy details such as policy number and name.
    • Extent of damage or loss.
    • Details of other insurance(s) covering the same event.
    • Information and proof in support of the claim.
    • You may make no admission or statement of liability or make any offer if any other party or parties are involved.