What type of policies are offered by NICO General Insurance Company?
NICO General Insurance Company Limited is the market leader in the General Insurance business in Malawi. It has many insurance policies on offer designed to benefit both individuals and organisations. These include:

– Motor vehicle insurance policies
– House and household property insurance policies
– Agricultural insurance policies
– Travel nsurance policies

What is motor vehichle insurance and what types are on offer at NICO General Insurance Company?
Motor vehicle insurance provides cover accidental loss or damage involving mechnically propelled vehicles. These include cars, motorcycles and other crafts.

NICO General offers four types of motor vehicle insurance policies:

– Yafewa Third Party insurance policies
– Road Traffic Act Only insurance policies
– Third Party Fire and Theft insurance policies
– Comprehensive insurance policies

What is Yafewa third Party Insurance?
Third party only insurance covers death, injury, damage and loss of use caused by the insured vehicle to third parties and their property. As a special offer, Yafewa third party only insurnace is on offer at the price of K74,900 for one year.
What is Road Traffic Act Only Insurance?

Road Traffic Act Only insurance covers death, injury, damage and loss of use caused by the insured vehicle to third parties and their property. It is offered for 1 month or 3 months only.

What is Comprehensive motor insurance?
Comprehensive motor insurance offers full cover of both the insured vehicle and third parties and their property.
What is the difference between houseowners and householders insurance?
Houseowners’ insurance covers damage and loss pertaining to buildings. This insurance policiy is sold to landlords and landladies. Householders’ insurance covers property that is held inside a house. This insurance policy is sold to occupants of the house. The two policies can be bought for the same house so both the building and its contents are covered.
What is Homesure insurance?
The Homesure insurance package is a combination of otherwise independently offered insurance policies into one. With this arrangement, one premium is paid for all covers, all covers run together for a term and therefore have one renewal date.

This combination includes Motor Insurance, Houseowners’ Insurnace, Householders’ Insurance, Personal All Risk Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Personal Liability and Legal Cost Insurance and Golfer’s Insurance.

What is Mtetezi tobacco insurance?

Mtetezi Tobacco Insurance covers tobacco farmers against loss or damage to their tobacco leaf. This could be whilst growing in the field as a result of hail, windstorm, floods and physical action of excessive rainfall and also during the process of picking, stringing, curing, bulking, grading, and re-ordering. It can also be while in transit for delivery at auction floors, as a result of fire, malicious damage, lightning, strikes, riots, theft and other risks.

What is Travel insurance?
Travel Insurance covers travelers’ costs for emergency medical expenses, lost baggage and other property while travelling to various destinations in the world whether for business or pleasure.