Crop Insurance

   What is Crop Insurance?

Crop insurance is a product designed to protect farmers against either the loss of their crops due to natural disasters such as hail and floods, or the loss of revenue due to decline in the prices of agricultural commodities. Below is a list of the crops Covered:

          • Sugarcane
          • Legumes
          • Cereals
          • Bananas
          • Tea
          • Fruits
          • Potatoes
          • Tobacco

Benefits of Crop Insurance

  • Restoration
    Helps restore loss of income
  • Peace
    Provides peace of mind
  • Easy to get Credit
  • Financiers are more willing to offer credit because production risks are diminished.
  • Return on Investment
    Guarantees return on investments on the insured crops, should policy stated invents occur.

Types of Crop Insurance

Multiple peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Multiple peril Insurance Covers crop losses, including lower yields, caused by natural events, such as; destructive weather (hail, frost, damaging wind), disease, Fire, Flooding and insect damage. Both the cost of insurance and amount an insurer will pay for the losses are tied value of the specific crop. MPCI is available for different crops, though not all crops are covered in ever geographic area.

Crop Hail Insurance

Ideal in the areas of a country where hail is a frequent event. Crop-Hail Insurance policy covers the farmer in the event of loss in high yielding crops due to this natural disaster. Unlike MPCI, Crop-Hail Insurance can be purchased at any point in the growing season.